Gina Raphaela is a New York based artist influenced by her bold and vibrant Sicilian heritage. From Fellini films to the deep red sauces of her grandmother’s cooking, Gina's art is a color-filled memory reflecting passionate expression. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington DC, and Tokyo.

Gina's first solo show in Los Angeles, LIFE SAVERS, a series of vivid abstract paintings with resin sold out opening night. Her recent exhibit, LOVE OR FEAR, opened at CATM gallery in Chelsea to great acclaim. The constructive sculpture series, an exploration of the 21st century woman depicts sexuality, identity and power. These sculptures represent the need to blow up cultural standards of women that still exist. "How can we be so admired and adored for our beauty yet be marginalized at the same time?"

Critics hailed Gina’s exhibition: “a very fluid and provocative show.” Her constructive sculpture, Timed, “a life size figure covered with 16,000 mini-marshmallows brilliantly emphasized the universal desire to look young."

As an entrepreneur, Gina launched a design and painting firm LG DESIGN in Los Angeles. Her creative talents have also landed her in front of the camera in commercial and print work for such clients as McDonald’s, Charmin and American Express.

Gina is the co-founder of Art for Shelters. Gina's vision is to donate her original art to every shelter in New York City, then expand throughout the United States, and ultimately have a global presence around the world.

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